Strategic Solutions


Any business needs a plan, a roadmap, a direction. A strategic plan will enable you to see where your business is going over your timeframe, how it will be able to meet its goals, and measure the level of success from your efforts. Discuss this with Steve.

Leadership & Soft Skills Development


Imagine a vast improvement in your operational communications. Then, see an integrated, collaborative system of leadership with shared responsibility. Yes, it is possible and attainable. Just talk with Steve.

Can We Please Refer to Accounting as a Profession?

By Steven E. Sacks “A profession by any other name…” (With apologies to William Shakespeare) Profession n. calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation. Maybe I am just cranky, or maybe I have a… Read More

Solutions 2 Results


Transforming solutions into results requires a working partnership between the managing partner or business owner and the consultant.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Accounting firms are increasingly facing the decision of whether to grow organically or purchase the necessary knowledge and talent. Then there are accounting firms that instinctively know they cannot continue operating the same way with an aging partner… Read More