Quiet Quitting: Are Employers Culturally Aware?

By Steven E. Sacks, CGMA, ABC Employees are not keen about returning to their offices after an almost two-and-a-half year (for some) hiatus from the hassle of commuting and balancing child care and other personal responsibilities. What are… Read More

The “New” Office Awaits

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Businesses of all types need to create a “skill-building” roadmap because the future of business operations will be different. But how different? Let’s consider the fundamentals of future communication. For the… Read More

Would You Buy Your Own Services?

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Do you ever wonder why after spending many hours on drafting, editing, proofing, and polishing—and proofing and polishing just once more—your engagement proposal efforts did not result in winning the engagement?… Read More

Busting the Myth of Performance Management


By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC The concepts of enterprise performance management and corporate performance management are the same; however, many think it’s a process and a system. It’s actually the integration of multiple methods, which have… Read More


By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Blockchain technology has widespread implications for various business functions, including banking and finance; governance; and taxation. The technological components underlying the blockchain system include trustless computing, smart contract, and network security…. Read More