Make Your Press Releases Worth Reading

The constant frustration of how much email enters our inbox daily. But think about reporters and editors; they will receive hundreds of press releases every day. Like sifting through resumes submitted online, after a while they all read the same with the usual puff words like “valuable,” “leading-edge,” “best in class,” etc.  Like a speech, one way to lose your audience is hackneyed expressions or business-speak that follows an eye-catching headline.

Want your message to be impactful? Your first step is to be economical with words that convey a clear message that can be easily scanned (usually the first 50-100 words will achieve this) and absorbed in short order. Also be consistent with the use of the third word (e.g., “their” “his/her”) and through the proper use of tenses.

Your ultimate goal is to deliver your press releases through the most effective channels to get the most (and most influential) pairs of eyes to receive it and appropriately respond.

The approach to absorbing information today is to scan. No longer is every word read. Using bullet points and appropriate bolding of key words will ensure that if what is viewed first and briefly will pique enough interest for a complete reading to be made.

And don’t forget when you write to your audience, create a thought provoking angle to your pitch, make sure you have verifiable facts, avoid the snake oil salesman approach, and strategically and accurately incorporate quotes to validate your information.

About Steve

Steve is the CEO of Solutions to Results, LLC, a practice that addresses communication challenges that individual, firms and organizations face. Visit his website at to learn more.