Solutions 2 Results

I named my practice Solutions 2 Results because I believe the consultative process goes beyond research, problem identification and report writing. Why? Well, a client pays for results — something that is tangible, measurable and implementable.

The client may know there is a problem but cannot identify the root cause(s). Even if the client can, he or she may not have the perspective or insight to start down the right path to determine the necessary and cost-effective improvements.

It’s not enough to have a solution. Is the solution proportionate and relevant to the client’s needs?

The only way to tell is to develop a plan of action that leads to measurable and positive results and is flexible enough to withstand and thrive from mid-course corrections.

Transforming solutions into results requires a working partnership between the managing partner or business owner and the consultant. Producing a one-size-fits-all approach wastes the client’s time and money and reduces the legitimacy of the consultant.

Listening, listening and more listening by the consultant is the first step toward a successful collaborative engagement. Make sure that the consultant addresses what is discussed, delivers what is promised and implements a customized plan that helps you reach your goals.