Motivation: Just One Key to Employee Retention

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Salary used to be the main driver behind a young professional’s choice of employer. No longer. In fact, salary is now ranked as fourth or fifth among the important criteria. The… Read More

The Bookshelf: Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom

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Retaining People: It All Starts With the Interview

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Is Your Message Open to Interpretation?

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Whether you are a professional services firm, business, or trade or professional member association, it does not serve your constituents well if you allow complacency to settle in your efforts to… Read More

It’s a New Year: Take a Step back and Reflect on Your Career

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC With millennials representing 35 percent of today’s workforce and 50 percent in the next 10 years, the career mindset will shift even more toward moving onward and upward — or out…. Read More