There’s No Secret Sauce for Developing Good Business Relationships

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Business can usually be conducted by phone, Skype or in person. It really doesn’t matter the approach; what is important is how you comport yourself — irrespective of whether the individual(s)… Read More

Engaging in Business Development Activities Should Not Be a Chore

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Seasoned professionals in CPA firms would rather skip the “meet and greets” because they are burned out especially during tax season. But it is known that the best time to look… Read More

You Operate Globally, So Dispense With Your Own Local Tendencies

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Professional service firms, as well as corporations, have been operating in an interconnected global marketplace for years. Capital, labor, materials, manufacturing facilities, vendors, clients and customers comprise a worldwide collection of… Read More

Communicating Properly Can Bring Success. While the Corollary Introduces Unintended Consequences

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Often, we are more concerned about getting out a message that we don’t stop to think whether the delivery mechanism matches the nature of the content. In a face-to-face conversation, the… Read More

You Are a Font of Knowledge. So Why Aren’t You More Successful?

By Steven E. Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC Technology has overtaken the traditional forms of communication that include face-to-face interaction, telephone conversations and of course, the handwritten or typed note slipped into an envelope, affixed with a stamp and… Read More